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The Jotting Dots

Padm Popup Pouch

Padm Popup Pouch

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A little bit about the design:

Madhubani, is a traditional art form originating from the Mithila region in Bihar, India. It is characterized by its intricate and vibrant depictions of various elements from nature, mythology, and daily life. One popular motif in Madhubani art is the lotus flower, which is often associated with purity, beauty, and spiritual enlightenment, as it grows in muddy waters but emerges clean and beautiful. This pencil pouch draws inspiration from the lotus flower in Madhubani style, making it a beautiful and meaningful accessory for anyone who appreciates art and culture. This pouch will definitely bring a pop of colour and beauty to your workspace.



  • 21.5 cm x 12.5 cm. Large pens like Tombows and others are perfectly fit.
  • Additional three inside compartments - organized smaller stuff
  • Utility: Pen stand and on the go pencil case (accessories storage)
  • Capacity: 25+ pens
  • Upper part - Printed vegan leather
  • Lower part - soft corduroy


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