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The Jotting Dots

Bharni - Madhubani Washi Tape

Bharni - Madhubani Washi Tape

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A little bit about the design:

This gold foiled washi tape derives inspiration from Bharni style (filling) of Madhubani art, characterized by their unique and intricate patterns on a bright and colourful backgrounds. The bright and eye-catching hues of colours are used to represent vibrancy, life, and celebration.
The fish are adorned with intricate geometric designs in gold foil to infuse a sense of energy and vitality, making them visually appealing and emotionally resonant. 



  1. Decorate your journal or planner: Add a touch of spirituality to your journal or planner by using the washi tape to create borders, dividers, or decorative elements.
  2. You can also use it to mark important pages or highlight meaningful quotes.
  3. Personalize gift wrapping: Use the washi tape to embellish gift wrapping paper or gift boxes. 
  4. Design customized cards: Make your own greeting cards or invitations using the washi tape. Create borders, frames, or decorative elements on the cardstock, and combine it with other craft materials like stamps or stickers for a personalized touch.
  5. Revamp home decor: Use the washi tape to add a touch of color and pattern to your home decor items. Wrap it around vases, picture frames, or candle holders to give them a fresh and unique look.
  6. You can also use it to create wall art by cutting out shapes or letters and arranging them on a canvas or poster board. 



  • Width: 25 mm
  • Length: 10 m
  • Gold foiled details
  • Residue free washi tape that can be used multiple times without tearing or peeling off the paper. 
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