A pop of pink in your bullet journal with these basic Indian Motifs

February... the month of love 💘

This month's theme has to be pink. For my February #BulletJournaltheme I've drawn Indian motifs in different shades of pink.

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Cover Page

This month's theme is heavy on motifs. I wrote the quote "If you win the morning you win the day" on the left page, as this is what I am going to focus in this month. The design is simple and has the February vibe. The black colour has popped the design and I love the overall look.

I am sharing the process photos of all the layouts throughout this post.

Material used

Washi tapes:

Polka dots washi tape

Blooming floral washi tape

Pink grid washi tape

Broad grid washi tape

Pale pink washi tape

Flower sticker


Level 10 life

My level 10 life tracker is divided into daily tasks and weekly tasks. Last month I did not use this division and it was hard for me to visualise my progress. So, this month I have decided to track daily and weekly tasks separately.

Baby Tracker 👶🏻

The another tracker which I use is my baby tracker. I track my baby's daily activities. I also have a notes section where I add anything important related to him. If there is a doctor’s appointment or he had any ailment or even if there is a change in his routine; everything lands on this page.


Expense tracker I am guilty of doing binge online shopping 🛍. This is the only reason I use expense tracker. I track my monthly expenditure here. The best part of this is the cumulative column. That’s the column which stops me from binge shopping. 😅




These pages are dedicated to any art form which I would like to try or any art project which I have planned for a particular month.




This spread is my favourite. I have started adding this from last month. Somedays it is really hard to write a single line and some days I have more than one gratitude entries. I have drawn lotus motifs for this page which is going along with the theme.


Monthly Log


I use list layout for my monthly log. It’s simple and gives you enough space to write. I make a weekly tasks list which helps me in scheduling the activities throughout a particular week.


Daily Log


I do not make any pre-defined setup for my daily pages because i find it very restrictive. Somedays are busy and somedays are relaxed, therefore, any pre-defined layout doesn't work for me.


I hope you liked this month's spread. Please let me know your thoughts in the comments.

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